Facts about Shooting
Rifle Shooting is one of the original Modern Olympic sports. The first Gold Medal being won in Athens in 1896
Britain has won 29 Olympic Gold Medals for Shooting.
Britain also won 25 shooting Medals at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne
The Club
Target Rifles
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Farncombe & Godalming Rifle Club is situated in Surrey and was established more than 50 years ago. It is committed to actively supporting competitive Small-bore Target Rifle Shooting.

We currently have 18 covered firing points and can shoot over 25Yd, 50Yd/M and 100Yd. Additional Range facilities are currently under construction.
New members interested in competitive Target Shooting are always welcome.

The Club is affiliated to the following Organisations:-

Farncombe & Godalming Rifle Club
National Small-bore Rifle Association
Surrey County Small-bore Rifle Association
Sport Godalming.
West Kent Rifle League
City of London League
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